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Our current research mainly focuses on wide bandgap (WBG) power devices and their applications. Our research projects have been sponsored by National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Air Force Research Laboratoary, PowerAmerica Institute, Ohio Federal Research Network, Ohio Space Grant Consortium, and leading companyings including ABB, AEP, Duke, FirstEnergy, Ford, GE Aviation, TI, and Toshiba.

The following is the list of our ongoing research activities:

  • Continuous evaluation of emerging SiC and GaN devices for different types of applications.
  • WBG device oriented circuit topology studies for vehicle and renewable energy based applications.
  • Gate drive design and optimization for WBG devices with a focus on high voltage devices.
  • High voltage high power multilevel circuits with SiC devices.
  • Reliability study of WBG power modules and circuits.
  • Control and protection of intelligent mobile power systems.
  • DC arc in different types of dc distributions systems.
  • Partial discharge in different types of emerging power systems.
  • Real-time simulation and hardware-in-the-loop based hybrid test bed for dc and hybrid microgrids.