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Stephen Sebo

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M.S.E.E. The Budapest Technical University, 1957
Ph.D. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1966


Professor Sebo has been a Professor Emeritus since 2003 -- still active in teaching, research and professional service in the electric power and high voltage areas.

Dr. Sebo is a Life Fellow of the IEEE.

Research areas: Professor Sebo’s research has been conducted in the fields of Electric Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering. The principal topics were the ground return current distribution along overhead power lines considering the end effects, interference caused by overhead power lines and cables, the study of power line corona effects, voltages induced by high voltage power lines, environmental effects of electric power transmission systems, electromagnetic fields of AC and HVDC transmission stations, RF noise caused by HVDC converter station operation, RF impedance measurements on large station equipment, hybrid (AC and DC) power line corona effects, magnetic field shielding, fog chamber development, high voltage insulator performance, overvoltages, small gap performance, live-line maintenance related tests, EMC projects, and partial discharges.


  • January, 1998-
    January, 2004

    Public Member of the Power Siting Board.

  • January, 1982-
    January, 2003

    American Electric Power Professor.

  • January, 1995-
    January, 2003

    Neal A. Smith Professor.

  • January, 1994

    Technical Person of the Year.

  • January, 1992


  • January, 1982

    Best Paper Award.

  • January, 1981