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Jeremiah Friend


Jeremiah works for ZIN Technologies, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. They are the prime contractor for NASA Glenn Research Center, providing mostly space flight hardware supporting micro gravity research on the International Space Station. He is also a part of a division called ZIN Power which provides power solutions to both NASA and the Department of Defense. Jeremiah is currently designing a variety of electrical hardware for the Zero Boil-Off Tank Experiment (ZBOT) that is scheduled to fly on the International Space Station in early 2012. These designs include ultra-precise temperature and pressure data acquisition circuits, custom heater and solonoid drivers, PID controllers, and fluid heat exchanging systems using peltier devices. This experiment is of utmost importance to NASA because the data gathered in micro gravity will be used to design long-term cryogenic fluid storge solutions for space travel. This effort will allow us to realize long term human missions to mars and beyond in the near future.

He has also performed design and prototype work for NASA's new fleet of crew and cargo rockets, under the Costellation program. The new rockets, which will replace the aging space shuttle, are called Ares and Orion. Ares I, which carries the new crew exploration vehicle, is scheduled to fly in 2014. A return to the moon is scheduled for 2020 using the same spacecraft. He successfully designed and built a power electronics prototype for the Ares I upperstage main propulsion system. The details of this work are confidential, but he can say that there is no other work more rewarding than what I get to do everyday! In his words, "I owe my accomplishments to hard work, dedication, and my education and excellent mentors at The Ohio State University."